Sonia & Dan – Married in Hamilton, ON!

What do you get when you combine group of Polish people, a group of Italians, a beautiful September weekend and a reason to celebrate? Well, not only a certainly entertaining workplace for Rob and I but also, Sonia and Dan’s joyous wedding day!  One thing is for sure, and that is that there was no shortage of culture…or delicious food!

While the girls were getting ready, the guys arrived at the church early with a few hours to kill.  Knowing there was a long day awaiting them, they decided it would be a good idea to grab a proper espresso at the local Fortino’s next door.  Little did they know, there was an italian festival going on!  After watching a grape stomping competition, Rob asked the announcer for a quick photo with the guys!  It didn’t take long before people realized it was a wedding party and before they knew it, they were upfront and centre, with the crowd cheering while an Italian lady sang Dan a dedicated song for his wedding day!

After a couple free espresso’s and some great stories, Sonia and Dan were married at Our Lady of Lourdes Church in Hamilton Ontario on September 15th by a cheerful priest who knew them personally and reflected on their beautiful characters, both inside and out, and their deep love and respect for one another.

After the ceremony, we headed down to Albion Falls to capture the first few moments of their married life on camera.  Off we went, girls in their dresses and guys in their suits, climbing down the side of a cliff for a photo op!  Needless to say, that was probably the moment where we (the photographers) fell in love with each and every one of them!  With the beautiful veils of water pouring down around us, only just barely falling into the water once or twice, we got our shot and it was time to start the party!

The reception was filled with food and dancing, and while I can’t speak personally for Italians, I suspect those are the two things that both groups do best. Congratulations Sonia and Dan!  Thank you so much for allowing us to document your love and your marriage! We had a great time getting to know your entire wedding party as well as your families.  We hope you’re enjoying your honeymoon and we leave you with a teaser of photos from your radiant day.  Congratulations again!