Amanda & Ian – Engaged!

One of the things that we hear often from couples looking to hire us as wedding photographers is this:  “Will you pose us?” or “We need direction to know how to look good in a photo”.  And that is a large part of our job because not everyone is a regular Tyra Banks, no matter how loudly you shout “You’re a tiger!….Fierce!”  In fact, throw Rob and I in front of a camera and ask us to look as adorable as that couples we shoot and we might start to cry….that should be interesting at our own wedding…anyways.  The interesting thing is that a lot of the couples that approach us with this concern end up having amazing … camera energy?…ya…camera energy, and together, with us suggesting a couple poses and them moving in oh-just-the-right-way to have her hair look beautiful and flowing or making each other laugh because-they’re-so-in-love-with-one-another-its-palpable, we get an amazingly natural and spontaneous photoshoot.

That was the case with Amanda and Ian.  So obviously enamoured with one another that it didn’t take long to catch it with the shutter. We had so much fun in Kitchener, ON shooting with trains, old buildings, new buildings, trees, bridges, and snow!  It was like someone designed an engagement photoshoot set for us to use.  The best part is, their wedding venue is sure to top it!  We cannot WAIT for the quickly approaching date!  We’re so lucky to have met such fun people and we cannot wait to capture their most important day!

For now, enjoy the love that radiates from these photos!