Samantha & Chris – Engaged!

Sakura (Cherry) blossom trees bloom once a year and for only a few precious days before the trees let go of each bloom, letting the petals gently fall to the ground in a whisper.  Their soft colour and delicate flowers make you feel as though you have been placed in a fairytale where magical things are sure to occur and romance is inevitable.

Call it luck or serendipity, but getting to photograph Sam and Chris amidst these mystical trees was such a treat. Just as we arrived at the park, the rain began to sprinkle down bringing out the green in the leaves the grass and the trees, and gave a punch of vibrance to an already magical spot.

Sam and Chris are hilarious.  Their sharp humour made our photoshoot so much fun and we were laughing the entire time.  This kind of playfulness is exactly the kind of energy that makes us fall in love with our clients making it so much fun to take their photos.  We cannot WAIT to shoot your wedding this summer in Kincardine!  Its going to be amazing!  Congrats again you guys!  See you soon!

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