Megan & Paul = Married!

Marriage isn’t always easy, and neither is wedding planning. I’m sure those of you who have gone through, or are currently going through the process of planning a wedding would agree.  Megan & Paul were faced with some wild curveballs while planning their dream day.  Long story short…they lost their original wedding venue and had to plan a wedding in something like….9 days. When Rob & I heard what they were going through we just couldn’t believe it!

Here’s the thing. We shot Megan and Paul’s engagement pictures a few months prior and we quickly noticed that there was something really special about the two of them.  They had a certain peaceful, playful, and powerful chemistry that is hard to describe but is completely undeniable when you witness it.  They seemed like the type of people who, together, could handle anything that came their way.  And they did.

Megan & Paul’s wedding was incredible.  They pulled up their socks and in 9 days planned a gorgeous wedding. They exchanged vows in a romantic outdoor ceremony in front of family and friends whom they later hosted to a beautiful reception at Woodside golf course.  Their resilient attitude during such a stressful time really revealed how perfectly suited they are to one another.  There is no doubt in my mind that they will live happily ever after, taking everything life hands them in stride.  So cool to have been a part of this remarkable couple’s wedding day!  Thank you both and congratulations!

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