Samantha & Chris – Married in Kincardine!

Is there a word for awesome that means more than awesome? If there were, only that word could be used to describe the spirit that is shared between Chris & Sam. I don’t even know where to begin describing it. Its full, and hearty, and passionate. Its romantic, playful, and gentle. Its confident, and joyous and contagious. Most of all, it’s a force to be reckoned with.

We first met Sam & Chris at  Caroline & Adrian’s wedding last summer in Muskoka where Sam was the Maid of Honour. We fell more and more in love with her throughout the day as she was attentive and concerned with making sure that we were taken care of and comfortable. Overall an A+ M.O.H. Naturally, we were thrilled to hear that she & Chris were planning their own wedding for this summer in Kincardine Ontario, and we were honoured to be a part of their day!

The day began with a first look, followed by a photoshoot down an ol’ country road. The ceremony took place at the home of an incredibly gracious couple who had themselves exchanged their own wedding vows in the same place that Sam & Chris were to be wed. A massive rain storm that hit the town not 20km away veered around the spot where they were getting married and at 4PM, before family and friends, Sam & Chris declared their undying love for one another. After their I DO’s, we headed down to the beach for a champagne toast and a few more photos. The reception was full of lovely speeches, joyful dancing and a special serenade by Chris for Sam. It was a magical night that cannot be adequately described in words. Hopefully these photos will help. Enjoy!Toronto Wedding Photographer-1Toronto Wedding Photographer-2Toronto Wedding Photographer-3Toronto Wedding Photographer-4Toronto Wedding Photographer-5Toronto Wedding Photographer-6Toronto Wedding Photographer-7Toronto Wedding Photographer-8Toronto Wedding Photographer-9Toronto Wedding Photographer-10Toronto Wedding Photographer-11Toronto Wedding Photographer-12Toronto Wedding Photographer-13Toronto Wedding Photographer-14Toronto Wedding Photographer-15Toronto Wedding Photographer-16Toronto Wedding Photographer-17Toronto Wedding Photographer-18Toronto Wedding Photographer-19Toronto Wedding Photographer-20Toronto Wedding Photographer-1-2Toronto Wedding Photographer-22Toronto Wedding Photographer-23Toronto Wedding Photographer-24Toronto Wedding Photographer-25Toronto Wedding Photographer-26Toronto Wedding Photographer-27Toronto Wedding Photographer-28Toronto Wedding Photographer-29Toronto Wedding Photographer-30Toronto Wedding Photographer-31Toronto Wedding Photographer-32Toronto Wedding Photographer-33Toronto Wedding Photographer-34Toronto Wedding Photographer-35Toronto Wedding Photographer-36Toronto Wedding Photographer-37Toronto Wedding Photographer-38Toronto Wedding Photographer-39Toronto Wedding Photographer-40Toronto Wedding Photographer-41Toronto Wedding Photographer-42Toronto Wedding Photographer-43Toronto Wedding Photographer-44Toronto Wedding Photographer-45Toronto Wedding Photographer-46Toronto Wedding Photographer-47Toronto Wedding Photographer-48Toronto Wedding Photographer-50


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  • August 18, 2015 - 12:17 PM

    Samantha - Robert and Gosia,

    I love the pictures! Thank you for capturing our happiness, laughter and ridiculousness. You two are so very talented and I love the way that your photography talents play off of one another. You make an incredible team. I have to say that I didn’t even notice you both whizzing around capturing all of these shots. Thank you for being such an important part of our day. xoxoxo

    Sam (the bride)ReplyCancel